Tooth Extractions

Comfortable Tooth Removal in Marana, AZ

Tooth Extractions in Marana, AZ - Marana Sky Dental	At Marana Sky Dental, we encourage conservative care and preventative dentistry for our patients’ oral health. However, sometimes a tooth is severely infected or damaged, and removal is the best and/or only option for your oral and general health.

A tooth extraction is a comfortable procedure at Marana Sky Dental. Our team always uses sufficient anesthetic, and we make sure to help you stay relaxed. Afterward, you will likely notice that any pain caused by the problem tooth has dissipated. We also have many options for tooth replacement, such as dental implants and bridges.

Please don’t delay if you have a painful tooth, mouth abscesses, or another oral issue. Instead, get treatment quickly by calling us at (520) 616-4610.