Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic Therapy in Marana, AZ

General Dentistry in Marana AZ - Marana Sky DentalIf the inner, living tissue of a tooth becomes infected, pain is often the result. A root canal procedure is an excellent way to relieve the pain and prevent the need for extracting or pulling your tooth.

Although a tooth may not be salvageable in every case, root canal therapy has been responsible for preserving millions of teeth. The procedure may sound uncomfortable, but our caring team is sure to use appropriate anesthetic to keep you in comfort at all times.

Our expert dentists have performed many root canals. In essence, a root canal involves the removal of the infected pulp from the tooth’s interior. This pulp is then replaced with sterile filler. Finally, the tooth is then typically sealed with a crown.

Root canal therapy can allow you to keep your tooth, avoid an extraction, and resolve your acute discomfort. Please contact our office now at (520) 616-4610 to make an appointment for a complete evaluation.