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5 stars

I don't know of anything with 5.0 stars on Google reviews, but these guys deserve it! We love Dr. Gibbons! He's honest, extremely gentle, pleasantly passionate about his work, and the most competent dentist we've had. He's fixed previous shoddy dental work, skillfully saved us from a root canal and other invasive treatments, and is an all around swell guy. I've had a few hygienists here (Julie, Suzy, and others who subbed in), who have all been a cut above as well. Extremely transparent, accurate billing. They've never gouged me when paying cash or my insurance when I had it. No surprises......except pleasant ones!

- Kylie M.
5 stars

Marana Sky Dental deserves 10+ stars, but only 5 were shown to click. Everyone, from front desk to staff & dentists, are top notch. Dr. Gibbons is a perfectionist, in addition to someone who genuinely cares about your well being as do the other dentists in the office. They are compassionate & educate a patient on their treatment plans & preventative care. Their knowledge is extensive in current & new technologies, & they have great communication skills. I TOTALLY trust Dr. Gibbons & staff & won't even consider going anywhere else. I HIGHLY recommend Marana Sky Dental for all your oral care.

- Our Patient
5 stars

Per the usual, I was pleasantly greeted the moment I opened the door. I immediately felt comfortable - not something you can always say about entering a dental office - and with their Covid precautions in place I felt safe. Technician Margo came to get me within minutes of entering and my hour with her went by quickly, efficiently and with many laughs. Love the artwork as well. I highly recommend Marana Sky Dental and often do to anyone who asks me for a recommendation. You’re the best! All of you!!

- Robbi J.
5 stars

I had a crown that had bothered me for YEARS. Dr. Gibbons was able to figure out the problem from an x-ray, which many other dentists had not seen. I have been seeing him ever since. He is very thorough and cares about his patients and doing what is best for them. Thank you Dr. Gibbons!

- Ross L.
5 stars

What can be said about this dentist? Dr. Gibbons is a wonderful and professional dentist the likes I have never had the pleasure of knowing. He made it a point to take care of my wisdom tooth during a weekend when I couldn’t find any relief and made sure to check on me after this is only one of many reasons he takes care of my entire family. The dental practice is definitely one of the best in this city. Thank you again so much Dr. Gibbons.

- William G.
5 stars

Marana Sky Dental is by far the best run practice I've experienced, and because I've moved multiple times, I've experienced many! Dr. Gastelum is a skilled perfectionist and Lisa is too! Both are totally patient focused and make me totally comfortable.

- Carole
5 stars

Dr. Gibbons is clearly dedicated to the best dental procedures. Most importantly to me, he is able to reach out to patients with his personal reassurance and genuine caring. The entire staff is professional and friendly.

- Gerald P.
5 stars

I was referred to Dr. Gibbons by my daughter years ago and have had nothing but the very best care by him and his staff. Dr Gibbons performs his work with exactness and I always leave knowing I have had the very best possible care. The minute I enter the office I'm greeted by his awesome staff that makes me feel like family.Thank you Marana Sky Dental, you are the best 🙂

- Caroline C.
5 stars

I came to Marana Sky Dental and Dr. Gibbons with an emergency with my broken bridge. They accepted me and did all the necessary work, including x-rays and helped me with the next steps to make this problem go away. The doctor and his staff did an incredible job in fixing my bridge which allows me to eat again. The office is very clean and the staff is very friendly. I would highly recommend them!

- Aron B.
5 stars

I had the best experience with Dr. Gibbons. I had to get a filling and he made me feel so comfortable and is a wizard with the needle! I hardly felt anything! He took care to make sure I was comfortable and not in any pain during the entire procedure. I will be much less nervous about getting fillings in the future!
The entire staff is very very friendly as well.

- Stephanie E.


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