Dental Exams and Cleanings

Preventive Dental Care in Marana, AZ

Preventive Dental Care in Marana, AZ - Marana Sky DentalA trip to Marana Sky Dental can save you from discomfort, extensive treatment, and poor oral health. Most patients need to visit us every six months for a professional dental cleaning. These visits are crucial since they allow our team to clean your teeth and gums thoroughly, removing plaque and tartar. Furthermore, our dentists use these visits as a chance to examine your mouth for signs of current or future problems.

Early intervention allows us to help you avoid problems like oral pain and more invasive treatments.

Periodontal Therapy

Preventing tooth decay is important, but gum disease is actually the top cause of nontraumatic tooth loss in the United States. The tissue surrounding your teeth, called periodontal tissue, is crucial to both your oral health and overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, this tissue can quickly become inflamed or infected without proper home care and regular professional dental cleanings.

Diligent daily brushing and flossing are vital, but sometimes these efforts are not enough to prevent gum issues. We provide multiple periodontal treatments, including scaling and root planing. This treatment goes beneath your gumline to provide a “deep cleaning” of your roots, disinfecting any periodontal pockets that may have formed. Our treatments can help to stop gum disease and get you back on the path to a healthy smile.

Remember, regular dental and periodontal cleanings are cost-effective ways to preserve your health. Schedule your appointment today by calling Marana Sky Dental at  (520) 616-4610.