Custom Mouthguards and Night Guards

Protect Your Teeth with Mouthguards and Night Guards

Custom Mouthguards and Night Guards in Marana, AZ - Marana Sky DentalWe provide custom-made mouthguards at Marana Sky Dental to protect your precious teeth. Our athletic mouthguards will help preserve your teeth during any athletics or sports, and these guards are made to fit your unique mouth precisely. An investment in a custom sports mouthguard can prevent painful oral injuries and the need for invasive treatments.

We also offer night guards to relieve the effects of bruxism, better known as teeth grinding, during sleep. This unconscious motion can wear down your teeth and even leave you with jaw problems. However, our night guards will absorb the pressure of teeth grinding, protecting your teeth and jaws.

Off-the-shelf mouthguards and night guards are not made to fit you. Therefore, these guards can actually cause more issues than they solve. However, our guards are always created just for you and your specific oral anatomy.

Get set up with a high-quality mouthguard or night guard today by calling our office at (520) 616-4610.