Dental Bridges

Dental Restorations in Marana

Compassionate Dental Care in Marana, AZA bridge is a fixed dental appliance containing artificial teeth. The bridge is fixed in place by anchoring to your adjacent natural teeth. Many patients missing a single tooth or just a few teeth find a bridge to be an ideal solution. Instead of removable partial dentures, these patients may prefer a fixed bridge.

Dental bridges can be fabricated from a number of materials, and we are always certain to create high-quality custom bridges for your unique mouth at Marana Sky Dental. Remember, since bridges are permanent, you will not need to remove your bridge for cleaning or sleeping.

Not only can a bridge restore your smile’s appearance, but it can also allow you to speak normally and chew properly. As well as preventing your teeth from shifting. Simply give us a call at (520) 616-4610 now to schedule an appointment for a new or replacement bridge or to discuss options.