What is a Root Canal?

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Hi, I’m Dr. Trym Gibbons and today we are going to talk about a question I get quite often and that is, what is a root canal? I’m going to show you what a root canal is, I’m going to go to an image here and we will walk through exactly what a root canal is. In another video we will talk about why root canals work, why they don’t, and what’s important about them. Ok so here is the process of a root canal – you can see the red here is the nerve of the tooth, it has nerve and blood supply and if it gets damaged it can either be a crack or decay that gets into it, for whatever reason if this nerve is damaged, then it needs to be removed. The process of that is that we open up the area to get to that nerve, and then we have these files that go down and just clean out and reshape the canals and then fill in with the material that keeps the tooth from getting infected. So it is important that we get to the end of the roots to clean all of it out and clean it all up. So that is what a root canal is, hope yours goes well.

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