What Happens After a Tooth Extraction

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Hi, My name is Dr. Robert Brown and I want to talk to you today about what happens after you have a tooth extraction whether it’s a wisdom tooth or any other tooth in your mouth there are some things you can do to help it heal up faster. Every time I do these procedures I go over this with the patient. What you want to do is let the blood form a clot where the tooth used to be and that’s what starts happening when you pull the tooth out. While you are here we get the tooth out and put some cotton gauze in your mouth and have your clamp down on it and that’s to get the blood clot formed. You leave that in for 10-15 minutes and the blood clot should be formed and you take the gauze out and you generally don’t even need more gauze after that. If the clot was to come out that is what is know as dry socket and that can be kind of painful and if it happens you will know it and you will call us and we will deal with it and it’s not a big deal. But if we can avoid that in the first place that’s the best thing. Ways to avoid it are don’t do anything strenuous, don’t smoke, don’t suck through a straw, and don’t rinse very vigorously – we want you to rinse, but gentle rinsing, I want you to rinse with warm salt water and every other rinse do some hydrogen peroxide. This will help the socket heal up twice as fast as if you did nothing at all.  If you follow these basic guidelines you will heal up fast and be just fine. Thanks for watching.

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